Mantel and Table Clocks

Table half-hour striking clock "Locomotive"

    Table half-hour striking clock "Locomotive"

    France, Bocourt

    Circa 1880

    Japy Frères & Cie

    Steel, brass, glass, enamel, marble; mechanical and glass work

    Height 42 cm

    On the clock dial: “S. Scupène/Bilbao ”; on the clockwork plate: “Japy Fréres/711”; inscriptions in Spanish on barometer scale; Latin letters for the compass points names on the compass see card


    Clock in the form of a steam train scale model on  black marble base with wide brass feet. The case and main parts of the model standing on two pylons are made of polished brass. The scale model features small three-axis steam train with conical pipe and wide lattice of the track cleaner, typical for locomotives of the mid-19th century. Construction units of a real steam locomotive are accurately reproduced. White enamel clock dial is mounted in the cab lateral, with central blued hands, minutes' scale and black Arabic numerals to designate hours. Two apertures  with square pins are for the winding key. The clockwork with two spring engines, attached lever escapement and half-hour strike on the bell. Aneroid with circular scale graduated in millimetres of mercury with Arabic numerals and inscriptions in Spanish is mounted on steam boiler lateral side. Movable golden-color pointer-hand with star-shaped grip is fixed in the protective glass center. Compass see card with the compass points and grades scale is in the train's trumpet; the north direction is marked by the royal lily. Spring wheels' drive is under the engine frame, between the rear axis. Wheels  can rotate freely without touching the rails lying on the base. Winding key is in the set.