Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock

    Musical table clock

    Germany, Leipzig

    Late 19th century

    Junghans»-clock mechanism and dial, «Symphonion Musikwerke»-music movement and disks

    Wood, metal, glass; carving

    28 х 52 х 17 cm; disks' diameter 11.5 cm


    Table clock with musical movement, in wooden case. Wide base stands on four low, rounded feet. The clock's top is decorated with three carved knobbles. The facade is in the form of a door with two carved half-columns on both sides. Round window is in the center, a dial is visible through it. Metal onlay in the form of a harp  is beneath it. Locking hook is on the case left side. The dial is cream coloured with black Arabic numerals, two black hands and one golden one. The movement is partly seen through the dial center. Two apertures for winding are in the dial. Three levers for switching five tunes and a musical movement are under the dial. The range is 30 tunes. Music media: metal disc. Three disks are in the set.