Mantel and Table Clocks

Westminster quarter chiming table clock with repeater

    Westminster quarter chiming table clock with repeater

    Germany, Schwärzenbach, Schwarzwald



    Wood, metal, steel, brass; wood carving, gilding, silvering, mechanical work

    Height 50 cm

    On the nameplate: “ToJohnEimacherEsqr./ as a gratefultokenofappreciationof / manyservicesrenderedtothe / ChurchSeSundaySchoolconnectedwith / CHRIST CHURCH. OSWESTRY. / October 1891.” Mark on the mounting plate: “W&H / Sch”. On small dials: “SLOW / FAST”, “CHIME / SILENT”


    Clock in wooden case with slotted and embossed patterns with caryatids, mascarons, flowers, leaves and fruit are installed on ornately shaped socle with commemorative plate and protruding supports. Semicircular attic with carved tympan is on profiled moulding. Circular silver-plated dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in five divisions, two ornately shaped hands and three apertures for winding the clock escapement, the clock chime and musical movement with key are on the dial front surface featuring brass sheet with cast onlays is. Two small dials for the clockwork adjustment and switching on/off chiming. The doors with locks and slotted ornament are the case lateral side, the repeater cord is on the left, and rear door is closed by metal mesh. The clockwork is pendulum with lever escapement, three spring motors and repeater. Musical movement with pinned cylinder, five gongs and spring motor plays Westminster chiming every quarter of an hour optionally.