Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical quarter striking portico clock with calendar

    Musical quarter striking portico clock with calendar

    Austrian Empire / Switzerland

    Early 19th century – the clock, late 1980s – musical movement


    Wood, brass, mother-of-pearl, bronze, steel, glass; wood carving, casting, gilding, varnishing, applique work, mechanical work

    60 x 56 x 14 cm

    Inscription on musical movement: “SWISS MADE”, “ROMANCE”


    Table clock in cylindrical wooden case is installed between the portico columns, on wooden stand with ornately shaped base, on four supports. Sculptural entablature, decorated with foliage pattern from mother-of-pearl, rests on torsade wooden columns with composite order bases and gilded bronze capitals. The case rear side is closed with the modern wooden lid. Independent musical movement with sound comb with thirty-eight steel teeth, spring motor with inscriptions on the casing and pinned cylinder is mounted in the stand made of light brown panels with transverse and longitudinal grooves. The winding hole is to the right; the musical movement-activating button is on the top panel. The dial, closed by the glazed door with latch, is made of brass with engraving and guilloche in the center, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions and Arabic numerals for dates’ designation, tree hands and three apertures for winding the clock escapement, the clock strike and carillon. Clockwork is pendulum with verge escapement, three spring motors, calendar; hour strike and quarter chime of two hammers upon two spiral gongs.