Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock

    Musical table clock

    Germany, Leipzig


    Symphonion Fabrik Lochmannscher Musikwerke AG

    Wood, brass, enamel, glass, plastic; turning work, gilding, enamel, mechanical and carpentry work

    Height 41.5 cm; disc diameter 11.4 cm

    On the nameplate: “Gehw./Anstoss/F S/Langsam – Schnell”. On paper sticker: “VäckarurUppdragesvarjedag”


    Clock in vertical case on wide walnut veneered socle. Facade is made in the form of portico on concave plinth, with turned columns on the sides and a torn pediment with turned finial on the top. Round glazed window is between the columns, the dial is behind it. Lyre-shaped wooden onlay is beneath the window. The facade serves as a door that closes the clock and musical movement located under it. Clockwork with lever escapement, alarm clock and two springs. The ring-shaped enamel dial is framed by convex polished bezel with minutes’ divisions and Arabic numerals for hours’ designation. Minute and hour hands are central, spear-shaped openwork and blued. For the sake of setting the alarm time convenience, the straight central hand with horned moon at the short end extends beyond the bezel. Two winding holes on the dial surface are bordered with grooved bushings. Control levers of alarm and musical movement above the dial, pass through the slots of orange celluloid onlay with the inscriptions in German. The crank for the hands adjustment is located on the case rear side. The drive with disc spindle, 31-tooth comb and sprocket-wheel are fixed on the musical movement cast mounting plate Clockwork and musical movement are kinematically connected by gear transmission. Music sounds at the beginning of every hour. The winding key and pinned disc are in the set. Music media: 114 mm diameter pinned metal disc.


    Инв. 807.1-3ММП/ДПИ