Carriage Clocks

Musical officer’s travel clock

    Musical officer’s travel clock

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds

    Сirca 1784

    Courvoisier & Companie

    Steel, brass, bronze, glass; casting, gilding, enamel, mechanical work

    17 x 14 x 10 cm

    On the mounting plate: “10550”; on musical movement mounting plate: “Silance – Musique, "Musique - Continue", "Même – Autre"; on the top side: "Compte les Heures, mais ne les oublie point!", "Offert à l'Amitié, Paris, Janvier, 1784" ; on the right side: "Grande Sonerie - Petite Sonnerie - Silence" ; on the dial : "Courvoisier & Compe"


    Clock in yellow metal case on rectangular patinated base with low round corner feet. The case with arched roof and ornately shaped finial rests on the base with paw-shaped feet. The finial concave lateral and front sides are decorated with cast onlays. The image of the round coat of arms with three royal lilies on corrugated surface with the crown on the top, surrounded by leaves are on the rear concaved side. Cast lid with circular carrying handle closes the finial. The panels close lateral sides with cast onlays depicting musical trophies. Chime switch and the cord for activating the repeater are on the left lateral side. The rear side is closed by circular cancellated door, covered with red fabric. Round enamel dial under convex glass in corrugated bezel is on the front side center. The scale with minutes’ divisions and Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, three central hands, minute and hour - in the Breguet style and the alarm clock straight one. The clockwork with lever escapement, horizontal balance axis and two springs is mounted on two vertical plates. The spring is wind with the key through the aperture in the dial. The musical movement control levers are on the front side and are provided with explanatory inscriptions on the polished panel.