Clocks and Objects with Movement

Carriage Clocks


Centuries ago, those clocks performed the function of travel clocks for prosperous voyagers, travelling in carriages, hence their well-known name – “carriage clocks”. In time, these clocks became a fashionable and expensive accessory, with the extended functionality and rich decoration created by the best masters of the time, the most prominent of them was Abraham Louis Breguet (1747 – 1823), the inventor of famous hands design - “Breguet apple”. In early 19th century in France, carriage clocks were often called “officers’ clocks”. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte highly appreciated the discipline of high-level military staff. Among other things, officers needed reliable and accurate clocks that could be with them everywhere – at their quarters and while travelling. Each order for manufacturing a carriage clock was accompanied by a note “a clock for an officer”.