Carriage Clocks

Musical alarm carriage clock

    Musical alarm carriage clock

    Germany, Schramberg

    The 1890 -1900s

    Gebrüder Junghans A.G.

    Brass, paper, metal, glass; presswork, lithography, mechanical work

    15 х 13 х 9.5 см

    On the rear mounting plate near clockwork lever the trademark is in the form of an eight-pointed star with traces of the inscription inside: “J”, on the base: “S.B.”, on the dial: “1st grade”


    Clock in metal nickel-plated case on wide ornately shaped base with corner feet. Rectangular windows closed with translucent glass in narrow metal frames are on the lateral sides. Ornately shaped handle is on the plane top panel. Front side is closed by faceted glass; the paper dial framed with thin yellow metal stripe with impressed ornament is behind the glass. Large scale with minutes’ divisions, Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and two small scales, located vertically are typographically printed on the dial. The second scale with Arabic numerals designating seconds in ten divisions and central hand is next to the six o’clock mark. Hours and minutes hands are central, spear-shaped and blued. The rear panel is closed with yellow corrugated metal door; spring clip for the winding key is fixed on its inner side. The clockwork with lever escapement, horizontal balance axis and two open springs assembled on two vertical nickel-plated boards. The round double knurled crown sets the alarm time. Square pins for winding the clockwork and the alarm are to right and to the left of the crown. Round knurled handle for the hands’ adjustment is above. Musical movement with cylinder and the sound comb for 37 teeth is in the case base.
    A winding key is in the set