Carriage Clocks

Musical carriage clock with automaton

    Musical carriage clock with automaton


    The 1850’s

    Brass, multi-color gold, glass; engraving, silvering, lathing , mechanical work

    Height 15.2 cm

    On the rear mounting plate: "Made in France". Mark on the key: "5, Made in England"


    Carriage clock is in brass-silvered case, with ornately shaped top, the base and foldable handle, on four supports. Glazed window with the escapement indicator is on the upper panel. The front and lateral sides are glazed, glazed door with button is on the rear side, the glass is faceted. Silver-plated ring watch dial with engraving, Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions and two hands, with the image of the river landscape, automaton in the form of a sitting girl with multi-colored gold lyre are in the central part of the clock shield. Pins for the hands setting and clock winding with ratchet-wheel, inscription “Made in France” are on the rear side. The aperture with the pin for winding musical movement and melodies switching lever are on the bottom side. The clockwork with be-metallic balance, attached lever escapement and spring engine. Every hour, the girl’s hand movement, as if playing the lute, is accompanied by the performance of one of the two melodies. The movement consists of a pinned cylinder, five sections sound comb with ten teeth and spring engine.
    The key is in the set.