Carriage Clocks

Musical grande sonnerie striking alarm traveling clock

    Musical grande sonnerie striking alarm traveling clock

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds

    First half of the 19th century

    Courvoisier & Companie

    Bronze, steel, glass, blued steel; casting, gilding, chasing, mechanical work

    21 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm

    On the dial: “'Courvoisier Comp.e”, on the clockwork mounting plate and on the the case rear side: “11144”. On clockwork control scale: “R”, “A”


    Carriage clock in gilded bronze case with foliage patterns, two pilasters with flutes on vertical ribs, on four lion paws-shaped supports. Finial with relief ornament on the rounded top panel in the form of cornucopia and folding figured handle. Chiseled onlays with the images of musical trophies are on the lateral polished surface, twisted repeater cord with white ball is to the right. The glazed door is on the front side. Round guilloched dial with concaved chased bezel is behind the door. White enamel inserts with Arabic numerals to designate hours, with minute divisions, two blued Breguet hands, the hand for setting alarm, inscription “Courvoisier Comp.e” and two apertures for winding the clockwork and strike are on the on the dial. The door with slotted lattice, covered with red fabric from the internal side, serial number “11144” on the bottom left part, is on the rear side. The clockwork with horizontal balance, lever escapement, hour and quarter hour Grand Sonnerie chime on bell with two hummers and two spring engines. The clock escapement regulator scale with indicator and letters “R”, ”A” and serial number are on the clock mounting plate. The key is in the set.