Carriage Clocks

Carriage grande and petite sonnerie striking clock with repeater and alarm

    Carriage grande and petite sonnerie striking clock with repeater and alarm


    Сirca 1880

    Brass, glass, wood, steel; gilding, casting, mechanical work, polishing

    Height 19 cm

    On clockwork mounting plate: “Aiguilles”, “Aig. de réveil”, “3498”, on the lower mounting plate: “G de Sonnerie”, “P te Sonnerie”, “Silence”. On the escapement: “Fast”, “Slow”. On the key: “Made in England”, “5”, “P”. On the case cover: “В.М. Керниху отъ М.Э. Соколовской 28 Сент. 1880 г.”

    Carriage clock in gilded brass case on ornately shaped base with rounded corners. Oval glazed window with escapement indicator, repeater button and folding handle are on the top panel. Front and lateral sides are glazed, glazed door is on the rear side, and the glass is faceted. Two dials are on white enamel clock face: clock dial with Roman numerals for indicating hours and Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in five divisions, two blued Brequet hands, and small alarm clock dial with Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and single hand. Clock strike mode switch “G de Sonnerie”, “P te Sonnerie”, “Silence” is on the bottom mounting plate. Clockwork with lever escapement, hour strike of two hummers on two gongs, alarm mechanism, repeater and two spring engines. On the clockwork mounting plate: pins for winding the clock and strike, for setting the hands with inscriptions. Two double end keys are in the set, the clock is stored in leather black casing with belt and the plate on the lid with the presentation inscription in Cyrillic.