Carriage Clocks

"Wall carpet" mechanical clock with 8 days winding

    "Wall carpet" mechanical clock with 8 days winding

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    early 20th century

    Made by Pavel Bure (Paul Buhre)

    White metal, enamel, glass, metal alloys; gilding

    10.5 cm diameter
    2.6 cm thick

    Inscription on the dial [in Russian]: "Pavel Bure 8 days"


    Clock in metallic case in the shape of oversized pocket watch.

    White enamel dial; numbers and graduations of the hours scale are black, and hands are made of blued steel. The face has three scales: minutes, divided into 60 intervals; hours, divided into 12 units with Arabic numerals, and a small seconds' dial with Arabic numerals.

    The spring-driven movement with 8 days spring winding, with a pierced bimetallic balance wheel with screws, anchor escapement, hands indicating hours, minutes and seconds, and a remontoir.


    "Wall Carpet" (or coach) clock was the name given to a large-size clock, visually resembling pocket watches, which they fastened to a wall of a carriage, stage-coach or in a room (hence the name). With large, clearly visible numerals and open face, the time indicated by the watch could be seen from large distance.