Carriage Clocks

Stagecoach quarter repeating clock with automaton

    Stagecoach quarter repeating clock with automaton

    Western Europe

    end of the XVIII - the beginning of XIX centuries

    Gold, steel, brass, glass; Engraving, chasing, gilding

    Diameter 11.6 cm, 1208 gr


    Stagecoach clock in large case of an open face type, made of gold-plated copper alloy. A pendant ring is cast figured. Movement with fusee, verge escapement, a quarter repeater and a music movement. The upper convex glass hinged lid with facet and solid pink transparent rim. Enamel ivory colour dial with black Roman numbers, minutes graduations and three central blued spear-shaped hands. A chased medallion with the images of houses with peaky roofs, rivers and trees in the foreground is on the back case lid. The rear lid opens; a convex polished blind lid with three apertures is beneath it. The lid is decorated with the engraved images of flowers and leaves. A steel gong for striking hours and quarters is fixed on the lid inner side. The clock movement is hinged. The music movement consists of a program drum with pins, a six-bell carillon, six hammers and a drum with a spring and ratchet. The repeater and the music movement are activated by pressing the pendant rod. Clocks of this type could be hung inside a stagecoach or carriage to define the time from a relatively large distance.