Carriage Clocks

Stagecoach clock with quarter repeater and musical movement

    Stagecoach clock with quarter repeater and musical movement

    Switzerland, Geneva

    circa 1810

    Gold, silver, steel, brass, glass, velvet, leather; filigree work

    Diameter 6.8 cm, 264 gr

    On the mounting plate: ”P&M” and “1321”

    Stagecoach clock in round case with a spherical front glass,  in protective travel box, which is divided into two parts when opened. The metal case is covered with embossed dark brown leather and is lined inside with red velvet. The covers are rimmed by two rows of sound apertures in metal frames. A dial and musical movement are seen through a round window in the top lid. The spring lock of the case opens with a silver knob with red gem. The clock case and rear lid are silver, made in the delicate filigree technique. The front glass lid is hinged. A small dial in gold rim is in the center beneath it. White enamel dial with black Arabic numerals, gold dots near the numerals, minute graduation and thin golden Louis XV style hands. Clock movement with cylinder escapement, a quarter repeater, a three-spoke wheel balance. Music movement with flat disc with pins on both sides and 22 steel lamellae, it is activated automatically every hour. It can be turned on by means of a sliding switch on the case lateral side. The clock and  music movement have separate springs. The hammer strikes hours over the cast gong that is fixed on the case rear side. The repeater is set in motion by pressing the pendant rod.