Organetta “Orchester Manopan № 4”

    Organetta “Orchester Manopan № 4”

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1890

    Leipziger Musikwerke Euphonika AG

    Wood, metal, leather, rubber; turning, wood carving, mechanical and carpentry work

    36 x 73 x 40.5 cm, 15 kg


    Organ with slotted reeds in wooden case comprised of two rectangular blocks - large and small and finished with black piano varnish. Rigid frame construction block with flat panels is rimmed with narrow carved frames. Panels are decorated with delicate carving ribbed with goldish paint. The instrument name “Orchester Manopan” is written in golden paint on the large block front side. Turned columns with support feet are in the corners. Manual drive mechanism and bellows are inside the block. The drive mechanism crank is located on the rear side. A paper music roll reading device is on the small block top panel, the slotted reeds keys are inside. Round knob connected with a shutter that opens three acoustic windows cut in the front wall is on the right side. The reading device consists of thirty-nine sensory levers protruding upward and hinged clamping rod. Two pairs of driving rubber rollers pull cardboard roll. One pair is installed in the case and receives rotation from the drive mechanism; the other one is in the clamping rod and is connected to the first by gear transmission. Sensory levers get into the music roll apertures, open the valves of the slotted reeds and make them sound in the target order. Music media: cardboard ring music roll and folded cardboard book-music m books.