Dance organ “ARBURO”

    Dance organ “ARBURO”

    Belgium, Antwerp

    The 1950-1960s

    Arthur Bursens

    Wood, metal, plastic, leather; carpentry, mechanical work, painting

    217 x 352 x 137 cm, 550 kg

    Inscriptions on facade: “ARBURO”, on the drum: “SONORUS”, “MARQUE DEPOSE”, “TRADE MARK”, on the saxophone: “ARBURO”, “ST. BERNARDSE STW. 635 ”,“ HOBOKEN ”. On the circuit breaker: “Telemecanique”


    The facade of the dance organ is made of wood and plastic panels, painted with light colors, rounded side panels, with colorful illumination. The socle is light green with blue edging on the stand with movable supports.

    Polychrome decorative painting in the form of a lattice with royal lilies and the model title are on the bottom panel. Musical instruments are mounted on the upper open rear part: an accordion with the inscription “CRUCIANELLI”, a  drum with snare head, clapper and steel brush, drum set with bass drum and cymbal, a clapper on the inner side and the image of a dancing couple, two cymbals on a Charleston-style stand, the drum with two clappers, wooden percussion instrument (wood block) with two beaters, beaded gourd, three temple blocks and saxophone with the engraved ornament and inscriptions: “ARBURO”, “ST. BERNARDSE STW. 635”, “HOBOKEN. The instruments are mounted on the dark red velvet background. The racks with paper music rolls’ holders are on the front side inner surface.

    The case is made from light brown wooden panels. A set of woodwind open and stopped pipes, bellows, receiver, wind chest - a chamber with valves distributing compressed air between wind pipes, tubes from lead alloy connecting the tracker bar with the wind chest, control unit and musical instruments are mounted inside the case. The case rear and lateral sides covered with detachable protective panels with latches.

    When the organ is activated, the electric motor moves bellows that pressure air into the wind chest and the drive mechanism with paper music roll. As the apertures in the paper roll and tracker bar coincide, the air enters the corresponding windpipe and makes it sound. Several tunes and control commands for musical instruments are encoded on the paper music roll. The sound of the organ is accompanied with illumination. Eleven paper music rolls with numbers 304ММП670/TP - 314ММП670/TP are in the set. Music media: paper music roll.