Chamber barrel organ

    Chamber barrel organ

    Germany, Berlin


    Golay Louis, Frati & Company

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, glass, paper; casting, carpentry, lathing, wood carving, chromolithography

    122 x 164 x 74 cm

    On the facade: “Frati & Co. Berlin N”, on black plate: “Frati & Co. Berlin N.58”, on paper label: “Frati & Co. Berlin N., Schönhauser Allee No. 73”, «”Programm zu No. 2693” and handwritten list of nine tunes in German; notes titles in German on the key frame


    Chamber barrel organ in rectangular wooden case on pedestal with corner feet, reinforced by ornately shaped brass plates. Black varnished pedestal facade is decorated with the image of a vase with flowers, fantastic winged dragons and curls with leaves, made in the carving technique and filled with golden paint. The facade is black polished frame with six rectangular windows, adorned with thin carved gilded frames and foliate elements. Carved manufacturer's company title "Frati & Co Berlin N" is on the façade bottom part. Narrow wooden golden frames are inserted in the windows; three top and two side bottom ones are glazed, a black panel with carved painted image of the Swedish coat of arms of the times of the Swedish-Norwegian union is in the bottom central window. Row of fifteen wooden piccolo pipes with cover plugs in the form of anchors over pink background are in the upper central window. Chromolithographic images of girls in sailors' berets with pompons are on the right and on the left. Rows of metallic trumpet pipes are in the bottom side windows. Rear and lateral sides of the case and pedestal are veneered with walnut and polished. Two cast curly handles for carrying are fixed on the lateral sides bottom parts. Pinned barrel knife and bolt mechanism is mounted on the left side. Located above crank, raises and lowers the key frame into the working position. Seven flat metal handles of the sliders and removable pinned barrel lid are on the right hand side. The rear side is stepped; rectangular windows with removable frames, covered with pink cloth are in the upper part. A hinged lid is on the top side of the step, blue paper sticker with the name and address of the manufacturer and a hand-written list of nine tunes in German are on the lid inner side. Pinned barrel for nine tunes and a keyframe with fifty-five keys, according to the number of basic tones are under the lid, black wooden bar with the name of the company is on the key frame. With the key frame raised, the shaft can be moved along the axis and set to one of eight fixed positions according to the selected melody. When the iron flywheel with wooden handle rotates, the worm gear rotates the barrel, and the crank gear drives the bellows blowing air into the wind chest, a chamber with valves distributing the compressed air between the pipes.

    The pins and bridges on the barrel raise the keys that open the valves of the respective pipes.


    Инв. 22/ММП