Pipe organ

    Pipe organ



    Aeolian Company

    Wood (mahogany), metal, glass, leather, plastic; carving

    330 х 200 х 330 cm, 1 kg


    Pipe organ with electric key and register action, the body is made of polished mahogany, сconsists of three sections with decorative golden colour pipes and installed carved wooden panels. There are five pipes in both lateral sections, and seven - in central one. The organ is decorated with half-columns and carved pilasters in the central part of the facade and at the sides. The side control panel is also made of mahogany and ornated with decorative oval onlays. The cylinder mechanism is in the control panel center under the glass panel. A chandelier with an incandescent lamp is above it. The organ has two manuals, 61 keys each. A plate is above the manuals to the right: "Aeolian Pipe Organ, The Orshesturelle & Co. London. New York. Paris. No. 1245, 1913". A switch with three positions: Unison, Normal, Reverse is in the control panel central par. Tempo indicator is beneath it. Five copulation switches are on both sides. On the left side: two blank, Swell to great 16, Swell to great 8, Swell to great 4. On the right side: Swell to pedal 8, Swell to pedal 4, Great to pedal 8, one blank, Pedal without manual. Wooden Aeolian Ventil retractable handle is above the manuals on the left side as well CHIMES register switch (three positions: man.II, Off, man.I) and two buttons above it (F and P), which are responsible for the register volume. A wooden retractable handle Aeolian ReRoll, as well as register switch HARP (three positions: man.II, Off, man.I) and two buttons above it (F and P), that serve for adjusting the register volume are above the manuals. Register switches are on the manuals’ sides. For Swell and Positiv on the left side; for Pedal and Solo / Great are on the right side. The first vertical row on the left: a blank switch, Swell Tremulant, Positive Tremulant. The second vertical row on the left (Swell): Super Octaves, Unison Off, Sub Octaves, Horn 8, Harmonics, Echo Viol 8, Viola 8, Dulciana 8, Rohr Flute 8, Claribell Flute 8, Geigen Diapason 8. The third vertical row on the left (Positive): Three blank switches, Tierse 1 3/5, Flautino 2, Nazard 2 2/3, Salicette 4, Octave Flute 4, Salicional 8, Flute 8. The first vertical row on the right (Pedal): three blank switches, Super Octave 4, Flute 8, PP Control, Posaune 8, Octave 8, Basson 16, Contra Bass 16. Second vertical row on the right (Solo / Great): Oboe 8, Clarinet 8, Trumpet 8, blank switch, Quint Mixture II, Fifteenth 2, Salicette 4 , Octave Flute 4, Salicional 8, Flute 8, Contra Sacilional 16. Blue and red indicators are on the left and right sides from the switches correspondingly. The plates with letters indicating volume (forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano): F, MF, M, P are next to them. Five buttons with letters indicating volume (piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, off ): P, M, MF, F, O are under each manual. A wooden start button is under the manual. Two pedals are in the bottom of the side control panel: one opens the swell box, the other turns on or off registers in a certain sequence. The pedal keyboard has 29 keys. 473 cylinders and a bench are in the set.