Aeolian pipe organ

    Aeolian pipe organ

    Great Britain, London


    The Orchestrelle Company

    Wood, metal, glass, leather, ivory, plastic; сarving, polishing, carpentry, mechanical work

    330 х 200 х 330 cm, 1000 kg

    On the nameplate above the manual: “Aeolian Pipe Organ, The Orchestrelle Co. London. New York. Paris. No. 1245, 1913”. On the keys of switches and knobs - the names of their functions


    The organ consists of two main parts - mahogany case with a set of organ pipes, and the external console with the bench. The lower part of the case is decorated with panels, the upper part façade is divided into three acoustic windows, covered with yellow-green fabric. The windows are covered with gilded decorative, “blind” pipes. Pilasters with ionic capitals are in the upper part of the case. Organ flue pipes are assembled in fourteen registers - five lower registers of stopped wooden pipes and nine middle and upper registers of open metal pipes.

    The remote control contains two manuals of sixty-one keys and foot keyboard with thirty keys. Vertical rows of register switches are to the right and left of the manuals. Volume control buttons are beneath the keys. A row of regulators and copulation switches above the manuals. Organ key action is electric. 286 mm wide electro-pneumatic device for playing paper music rolls is mounted at the console top.