Chamber barrel organ

    Chamber barrel organ

    Germany, Berlin


    Cocchi, Bacigalupo & Graffigna

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, paper; casting, woodworks, lathing, polishing, wood carving, painting

    140 х 91 х 183 cm, 240 kg

    On facade: "Cocchi Bacigalupo & Graffigna. Berlin N". On paper sticker: ”Bacigalupo – Sönne, Orgelfabrik Berlin N 58, Schönhauser Allee 74a Fernsprecher 44 32 24”. “Programm”, ”1". Blumengeflüster, Walzer. 2. Am Rhein da schmeckt der Wein so schön, Walzer. 3. Blutrote Rosen, Foxtrot. 4. Film – Theater, Marsch. 5. Frei weg, Marsch. 6. Ich bin kein Hauptmann, Foxtrot. 7. Die kleine Mandoline, Foxtrot. 8. Hochzeitszug der Liliput, Intermezzo. 9. Leutnant bei den Husaren, Foxtrot. 10”


    Organ in rectangular wooden case on pedestal with the profile cornice and ornately shaped corner feet. A frame with wide curly window in the center and two narrow windows on the sides close black varnished facade, decorated with carved floral patterns, painted with golden paint. Side windows are tightened from the inner side with red fabric with the painted images of flowers. Decorative, made from polished yellow color metal pipes, are in the central window. Manufacturer’s name is carved above the window: "Cocchi Bacigalupo & Graffigna. Berlin N". Chiselled columns decorated with carving are on the façade sides. A cornice with chiselled elements on the corners and volumised carved wooden finial with foliate elements and volutes crowns the façade top. The sides and the pedestal are walnut veneered. The barrel’s knife and bolt mechanism is on the left side. Located above crank raises and lowers the key frame in the operating position. Detachable pinned barrel lid with an aperture for the axis, fixed by two locks with square key pins is on the right side. The rear side is stepped, with black hinged lid over the step. Two deatachable frames, tightened with red fabric, close the upper part. Two detachable wooden panels close the lower part. Paper sticker with the barrel manufacturer’s name, his phone number and the list of melodies are on the lid inner side. Pinned barrel for nine tunes and the key frame with fifty-six keys, according to the number of basic tones, are under the lid. With the key frame raised, the barrel can be moved along the axis and set to one of nine fixed positions according to the selected melody. When wooden crank that is mounted on the organ rear side, rotates the flywheel, the worm gear rotates the barrel, and the crank gear drives the bellows that blow air into the wind chest. Pins and bridges on the barrel raise the keys that open the valves of the respective pipes.

    The barrel is of later manufacturing - 1937-1945's. The organ is mounted on wooden frame with four swivel wheels.