Organ "Orchestrion"

    Organ "Orchestrion"



    Limonaire Fournier

    Wood, metal, leather; carving, painting

    160 х 80 х 150 cm


    Organ "Orchestrion" in wooden case of light green colour. The upper part of the case is of unusual shape and is decorated with golden plates, floral ornament and the inscription: «Orchestrophone". A window ornated with side columns and revealing a view of two rows of wooden labial pipes is in the façade central part. The manufacturer’s name: "Limonaire Fournier" is written above the pipes. Two panels-holders, decorated with floral painting are on both sides. Two drums of different diameter are fixed on the holders and a cymbal to the right. A panel with images of a lyre, a drum and pipes surrounded by flowers, in a curly frame of light beige colour is in the bottom façade part. The panel sides are decorated with golden carved semi-columns. A wheel, which serves to inject air in the bellows, is on the rear side to the left. Playing 35 tunes.