Street organ "Orchestrophone"

    Street organ "Orchestrophone"

    France, Vienne

    The 1990's


    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather; casting, carpentry, lathe, painting, coloring

    160 х 80 х 150 cm

    Inscriptions on the case facade: “LIMONAIRE FOURNIER”, on the finial: “ORCHESTROPHONE”, on the plate: “REMO”, “LEGASY LA”, “MADE IN U.S.A.”, on the plate: “Vitesse”, “min / max”, “Départ”. On electric motor nameplate: “FFD”, “WIEN”, “Type R 71 S/4”, “Motor Nr. 60521518”, “220 / 380 V 1.3/ 0.75”, “0.25 kW”, “1400 Upm 50 Hz”, “P33”


    Street organ case is wooden, on the plinth with corner feet; the facade is greenish with images of pink branches, with carved figured finial with green ribbon and inscription: "ORCHESTROPHONE". A set of wooden flue pipes is on the top part of the facade, covered with red cloth from the inner side; pink carved columns are in the corners. Images of cincfoile are on the frieze, the inscription is between them: "LIMONAIRE FOURNIER". Light brown medallion with images of music instruments and branches with roses is on the façade bottom side, half-columns with pink and golden carved ornament are on the sides. Two horizontal shelves with drums are on both sides. Large copper drum with a copper cymbal plate, drum tampons and cymbal are on the right; small drum with a snare head and two tampons on the left. Wooden channel with bumps and drive mechanism with a bar with the keys in the slots, a pulley, dual capstan pinch wheel drive and an interlock from turning on without a perforated paper roll are on the rear case side. Reclining shelves for paper rolls fixed on the chains are on both sides. Wooden flywheel with a removable handle and green round belt are on the left. A sign with the speed control knob and the power button are on the top right hand side.

    The melody encoded on a 35-track perforated roll is accompanied by the sound of percussion instruments - two drums and cymbal.