Fairground organ

    Fairground organ

    Germany, Waldkirch

    1900 - organ; the 1930's - pinned barrel

    A.Ruth & Sohn (organ), Heinr. Voigt. Orgelbau. Frankfurt (Main) - Höchst (barrel)

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric; casting, carpentry, lathing, wood carving, varnishing

    133 х 174 х 176 cm, 310 kg

    On paper label: brand hexagonal sign with five organ pipes and Latin letters inside: "H V H", "Heinr. Voigt. Orgelbau. Frankfurt (Main) - Höchst", "Meter neu eingesetzt", "Reparaturstellen", "PROGRAMM: 1. Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald Walzer 2.Lübbener Jäger Marsch 3.Im schönen Tal der Isar Walzer 4.Nachtfögel Marsch 5.Serenaden Walzer v.Toselli 6.Hoch droben auf dem Berg 7.Liebe Frau Wirtin Walzer 8.Böhmische Polka 9.Lilli Marlen"; on the key fame German notes' names and "3882', on the rear side flat end: "3882", on the facade bottom: "A. Ruth & Sohn in Waldkirch Baden"


    Organ in rectangular wooden case on pedestal with corner feet suplemented with brass plates. Black polished facade, decorated with carving and golden paint, is closed with detachable frame with two narrow windows on the sides and two windows in the center. Three windows are covered with red fabric. White wooden piccolo pipes with black plugs on red background are in the top window. Embossed image of golden color lyre twisted by leaves, on the background of crossed trumpets and banners is in the center of the bottom window. Volumised carved wooden finial with the images of foliage patterns, mascaron in the center and fancy animals' heads along the edges, crowns the facade upper part. Manufacturer’s name is on the bottom crossbar: "A. Ruth & Sohn in Waldkirch Baden". The sides of the case and pedestal are walnut veneered and decorated with narrow triple frame made of various wood species. Two cast carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Barrel knife and bolt mechanism is on the left side. Located above anchor-shaped crank raises and lowers the keyframe in the operating position. Five metal handles of the sliders and detachable pinned barrel lid are on the right side. The rear side is stepped, with the lid over the bottom step. Paper sticker with the brand name, the name of the barrel manufacturer and list of melodies is on the lid inner side. Pinned barrel with nine tunes and key frame with fifty-nine keys, according to the number of basic tones are under the lid. With the key frame raised, the barrel can be moved along the axis and set to one of nine fixed positions according to the selected melody. When the flywheel is rotated by wooden handle mounted on the organ rear side, the worm gear rotates the barrel, and the crank gear activates the bellows blowing air into the wind chest, that is distributing the compressed air between the pipes. Barrel pins and bridges raise the keys that open the valves of the respective pipes.

    The repertoire of the organ is comprised of the classical, folk and popular music.