Salon organ “Orgophon” No. 510

    Salon organ “Orgophon” No. 510

    The 1900s

    Jules Heinrich Zimmerman

    Wood, metal, fabric, leather; carving, mechanical and carpentry work, polishing

    29.5 x 53.5 x 47 cm, disc diameter 41 cm

    On the disc: “No 2005 / Donauwellen / Waves of the Danube / Flots du Danub / Ivanovici / E”. Half-erased goldish mark with the letters: “J.H.Z.”


    Wooden rectangular case of salon organ, lacquered and mirror polished, mounted on four low chiselled feet. Its bottom part is framed with profile stepped plinth. The impending hinged lid with the end panel, adorned with openwork ornament and inscription “Orgophon”, closes the case upper part. The panel inner side is covered with pink fabric. Lateral sides are decorated with carved ornaments painted with goldish paint. The image of a scroll with the inscription "Orgophon" is on the front side center, keyhole with ornately shaped metal onlay is above. Polished wooden panel is fixed inside the case. Panel with reeds, valve gear, two support rollers on the racks, clamping rod with four rollers and latch is inserted in the wooden panel window. Two other support rollers are mounted on the case inner sides. Vertical spindle on which the pinned disk is installed is on the right side. Manual driving gear covered with polished panel is on the case right side. Sprocket wheel protrudes through the slot in the panel. It drives the pinned disk; a bracket with hinged disc clamp is next to it. Bellows, mounted inside the case and sprocket wheel are driven by the handle on the case front side. The disc is set up through the central aperture on the spindle, the teeth of the sprocket wheel run into the apertures of the disc perforation, supporting rollers render the disc a certain curve for stiffness. When the handle is rotated, the disc rotates, the pins on its lower surface touch the hooks of the valve levers, forcing them to open air access to the reeds and a melody sounds. The sound is generated by twenty-six double slotted reeds. Bellows ensure air pressure. Winding crank and 41 cm diameter perforated tin pinned disc with goldish trademark, catalog number and melody title in three languages are in the set.