Church organ

    Church organ

    Great Britain, London


    Edward & John Pistor

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, fabric, leather; carpentry and mechanical work, varnishing, veneering, lathe work

    47 x 50 x 119 cm

    On the sticker: “№ 1 Barrel”,”1. "Moll in the Wad”, “2.Lord Mc Donalds Reel”, “3. Admiral Mc Bride”, “4. Lady Shaftsbury”, “5. Cameronian Rant”, 6. Jennies Bawbee”, “7. Irish Washerwoman”, 8. Go to the Devile Lc”, “9. Withim smile of Polenbro”, “10. Sailors Journal”, “№ 2 Barrel”, “1. Crazy Jane”, “2. The Thorn”, “3. Turkish Quick Step”, “4. Old 100th Psalm”, “5. Mansion of Peace”, “6. Islington”, “7. Canterbury”, “8. Hilmsley”, “9. Easter Hymn”, “10. Cambridge New”, “№3 Barrel”, “1. Martin Luther’s Hymn”, “2. Morning dew”, “3.Evening dew”, “4. Sicilian Mariners”, “5. Adesti Fideles”, “6. 104th Psalm LM”, “7. In my Got”’ “8. Oh! Rest thee Babe”, “9. Roy’s Wife”, “10. Highland Laddie”, “№ 4 Barrel”, “1. Honey Moon”, “2. Caractacus”, “3. Morgiana in Ireland”, “4. The Recovery”, “5. The Legasy”, “6. Gap Wyke”, “7. Haste to the Wedding”, “8. Auld lang syne”, “9. Kitty O’ Lynch”, “10. Robert Bruce”.On the barrel: “PISTOR”, “Teal Manufacturers of Church, Chamber &”, “ Barrel Organs”, “with Drum, Harp & Bagpipes Stops”, “Grand & Small Piano Forte”, “Clocks and Watches” at Their old Establish’d Manufactury, 116”, “Leadenhall Street, London.”, “musical Instruments by the most Eminent takers, fine Italian”, “Fiddie-Strings.” …


    Organ wooden case is Mahogany veneered wooden case with satin walnut lateral ledges with carved frames and varnished, socle is on four high supports. Hinged lid with locking stop and stickers on the inner side with the list of melodies on four barrels is on the top panel. Dismountable panel with keyhole and oval window with decorative pipes, covered with yellow fabric from the inner side is on the case front side. The ledges with frames are on the sides, winding crank is on the right. The pinned barrel for ten melodies, wooden key frame with brass onlay and fourteen, according to the number of basic tones, sensitive levers, set of metal and wooden pipes, combined in two registers, a system of bellows are inside the case. Three detachable small boards that provide access to the pinned cylinder are on the left lateral side, two pullout handles for register loops are below, metal sliding bar with handle that raises and lowers the key frame in the working position are on the right side. Barrel knife and bolt mechanism is below. When the key frame is raised, the barrel can be set in one of ten positions according to the chosen melody. Hinged lid with lock is on the socle left lateral side; two interchangeable pinned barrels on wooden support are stored behind it.
    When the crank rotates, the barrel rotates as well, the working bellows are set in motion, forcing air into wind chest with valves that distribute compressed air between the pipes. Pins and bridges on the pinned barrel raise the keys, which open the valves of the corresponding pipes; air from the wind chest enters the pipes and makes them sound. Four interchangeable barrels, two keys and winding crank are in the set.
    Music media: pinned barrel.