Cabinet-organ "Tournaphone"

    Cabinet-organ "Tournaphone"

    USA, Worcester, Massachusetts

    Circa 1880

    Tournaphone Music Co.

    Wood, metal, glass, steel, brass, leather; painting, carpentry, turning, mechanical work

    109 х 49 х 37 cm; 15 kg

    On the top panel: “TOURNAPHON”, “MUSIC”, on the sticker: ”Direction for using the Tournaphon…”


    Cabinet organ is installed in the protruding upper part of the wooden walnut veneered wooden case, painted with golden paint, on four pillars, with turned columns. The case lower part façade with a drawer with three shelves for paper music rolls storage is closed with door on two hinges with handle and the inscription “MUSIC.

    Removable front panel is painted with gold paint, metal crank with wooden handle and round handle for rewinding paper music rolls are on the right side. A balustrade is on the case rear side top. Chiseled bumps, opening lid with the inscription “TOURNAPHON” and a narrow rectangular window, closed with a glazed lid are on the lateral sides. Red paper sticker with the organ manual is on the lid inner side. Rolls driving mechanism with a receiving coil, brass line, a 25-tracks paper music roll, bellows and wind chest with reeds are fixed inside. Three paper music rolls are in the set. Music media: paper music roll.