Fairground organ

    Fairground organ

    Germany, USA, Waldkirch, Santa Clarita

    1921 - organ, 1997-2005 - drums

    A. Ruth & Sohn- organ; Remo Inc. - drums

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, paper, plastic, papier-mâché; casting, carpentry, turning, painting, carving, colouring

    290 х 125 х 235 cm, 450 kg

    Inscriptions on the facade: “A. Ruth & Sohn Waldkirch”, on the right drum diaphragm: “Remo”, “WEATHER KING AMBASSADOR BATTER”, “MADE IN USA”


    Barrel organ body and facade are wooden with onlay elements in the form of tassels, acanthus leaves, curls and rocailles, painted gold. The facade is cream-colored, on white plinth, decorated with oval medallions and relief inserts with acanthus leaves, with three round supports with circus artists figures. protruded portico with four columns, painted imitating marble with blue shades is in the facade center. The portico is tightened with red cloth from the inner side.

    Ornately shaped window with a balustrade and a volumised image of a lyre on a stand and a lady with a lyre in her left hand and a wand in the right one is in front of the window. Vertical narrow arches with relief ornaments of golden colour are on both sides. The façade upper with carved curls and the inscription on blue background: "A. Ruth & Sohn Waldkirch". 
    Round windows in relief frames with drums are on façade lateral panels; in front of them are figures of girls with bells and hammers in their hands. The left drum is with a copper cymbal, the right one – with a spring and an inscription on the diaphragm. When the organ is activated, the encoded melody accompanied by percussion instruments sounds, figures of the artists move their hands, the hammers hit the bells, and the lady in the center conducts the wand in her right hand. Music media: paper music roll.