Fairground organ

    Fairground organ


    A. Gasparini; Butel, Piere

    Wood, metal, leather, cardboard; painting, carving

    Inscriptions on facade: "AUTO-CIRCUIT/p. Camors/BUTELSr GASPARINI PARIS"


    Organ case is wooden, richly decorated with paintings, with figured greenish-gray onlay carving and compositions comprised of rose buds of light pink, orange and lilac colours on light beige background. Facade is painted in soft pale cream colour, with lots of curls and inscriptions. The façade sides with curved profile are decorated with paintings depicting forest landscapes with paths, trees and small light pink flowers. Relaxing loving couple is depicted on the facade central part.

    The rollers for moving the organ are fixed in the bottom. Musical movement consists of a row of wooden pipes and two drums: small one with cymbal is on the left-hand side and large drum with stretched thin metal chains is on the other side. Wheel that is connected to electric motor and used to inject air into the bellows is on the organ rear side. Music media: paper music roll.