Church barrel organ

    Church barrel organ

    Great Britain, London


    Flight & Sons

    Wood, metal, brass glass; carpentry, mechanical work, turning, varnishing, veneering

    75 x 164 x 58 cm

    On the barrel sticker: “FLIGHT & SONS/ (FROM ST. MARTIENS LANE) ORGAN BUILDERS/ TO HIS MAJESTRY, / 16, KING WILLIAM – STREET WEST STRAND/ LONDON”, on the barrel's support sticker: “1. Ficilian Hymn/ 2. Old Hundeid…/ 3. Cambridge New/ 4. Portugulie Hymn/ 5. Hariebe…6. …7. The blue bells/ 8…/ 9…/10…”; on the label: "not 30 juli 2001. Denna front tillhör CBL nr.........= ett/ Chamber Barrel Organ som nu är hos Janis i Lettland för reparation"


    Church organ in wooden, veneered and varnished case, on the base with turned conic feet on castors. Lighter color insert is in the base. A hinged lid is on the top panel. Detachable panel with lock and glazed arched window, four metal handles of register slider, two vertical pilasters on the sides and crank with wooden handle are on the front side. A label with the inscription is on the front side internal surface. Pinned barrel with ten tunes, wooden bar with brass onlay and twenty, according to the number of basic tones, sensitive keys, the set of metal and wooden pipes, combined in four registers, the system of bellows are mounted inside the case. A hinged door for mounting a pinned barrel on wooden supports is on the left lateral side. Metal sliding bar with the handle that raises and lowers the key frame into working position is on the right side. Knife and bolt mechanism is beneath. When the key frame is raised, the barrel can be set in one of ten possible positions according to the selected tune. The hinged door with the lock, behind which two changeable pinned barrels on wooden supports are stored, is on the base left lateral side. When the winding crank rotates, the pinned barrel is activated; operating bellows pump air in wind chest with valves that distribute the compressed air between windpipes. Barrel pins and bridges raise the keys that open the valves of the corresponding pipes; air from the wind chest enters the pipes and makes them sound. Three barrels and the key are in the set. Music media: pinned barrel.