Salon barrel organ

    Salon barrel organ

    Great Britain, London


    Longman & Broderip

    Wood, metal, leather, fabric; mechanical work and carpentry, casting, veneering, varnishing

    Height 12.5 cm

    On the sticker: “Barrel No. 2”,”1. "How sweet the love that meet two...”, “Barrel No. 3”, “1. Theodore’s Dance”, “2. Spanish Dance”, “3. The Air Balloon”, …“Barrel No. 4”, “"Lalaby"”. “Barrel No.5”, “1. Devonshire - Menuet”, “Barrel No. 6”, “Overture to the Deserter”, “Barrel No. 7”, “Mary’s Dream”, “Lira Lira”; on the manual: “Directions”, “for the Management of/ Longman and Broderip’s / BARREL ORGANS…”. On the barrel: “Longman and Broderip…”


    Salon barrel organ in veneered wooden case on the finished with lacquer base on four high supports. A hinged lid with support and stickers on the inner side with the list of melodies on seven cylinders and manual for mounting the barrel in English is on the top panel. Detachable panel with the keyhole and oval window with decorative pipes covered with yellow fabric from the inner side is on the case front side. Bars with decorative plates are on both sides, the crank is on the right-hand side.

    Pinned barrel for ten melodies, wooden key frame with brass onlay and eighteen sensory keys, corresponding to the number of main tones, the set of metal and wooden pipes, united in four registers, the bellows system are mounted inside the case. A door with grip that opens access to the pinned barrel is on the left lateral side, four retractable handles of the register sliders are beneath. Metal sliding bar with crank that raises and lowers the key frame in the working position is on the right side. Knife and bolt mechanism is beneath. When the key frame is raised, the cylinder can be fixed in one of ten positions according to the chosen melody. The hinged door with lock behind which the changeable barrel on wooden support is stored, is on the base left lateral side.

    When the crank rotates, the cylinder rotates as well, and operating bellows are driven, pushing air into the wind chess with valves, distributing the compressed air between the pipes. The barrel pins and bridges raise the keys, opening the valves of matching pipes; the air comes from the wind chest to the pipes and makes them sound. Two barrels and crank are in the set. Musical media: pinned barrel.