Salon organ

    Salon organ

    Sweden, Stockholm


    Strand, Petter

    Metal, wood, steel, brass, leather; casting, silk-screen printing, carpentry and mechanical works

    80 x 112 x 48 cm, barrel 61 x 16cm

    On the sticker: “Walzen No4”, “No1. Moderato, So Solen hur harligt…”, “2. Aria, Froid dig wid lifvet”, “3. Andantino”, “4. Marsch de Generale Bonaparte”, “5. Menuetto af Mozard”, “6. Polonez af Fritschi”, “7. Thema Alleym af Mozard”, “8. Moderato af Mozard”


    Salon organ in wooden case with bevelled vertical ribs, with foliage ornament and golden color metal onlays, finished with black lacquer, on four high supports in the form of truncated pyramid with golden grooves. A hinged lid with lock is on the top panel. Detachable panel with lock, polychrome image of three Chinamen in the center and flower wreaths with birds and insects in the corners in golden frame is on the case front side. Bars with metal medallions are on the panel sides, a crank is on the right-hand side. Pinned wooden barrel, wooden bar with brass onlay and thirty tree sensory levers, a set of ninety-nine wooden pipes united in three registers, a system of bellows system with load weights are inside the case. The sticker with the list of eight tunes is on the flat end. A door that gives access to the pinned barrel is on the case left lateral side, sliding metal ledge with crank, raising and lowering into working position the key frame, the barrel attachment fixture, three retractable handles of register sliders are on the right-hand side. When the keyframe is raised, the barrel can be set in one of eight positions according to the chosen tune. As the crank is rotating the barrel rotates as well, the operating bellows are put in motion, forcing air into wind chest with valves that distribute compressed air between the pipes. The barrel pins and the bridges raise the keys that open the valves of corresponding pipes, the air from the wind chest pass to wind pipes and makes them sound. A winding crank and key are in the set. Musical media: pinned wooden barrel.