Fairground organ “POSITIV”

    Fairground organ “POSITIV”

    Germany, Waldkirch


    Karl Frei & Sohn

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric; casting, carpentry, lathing, carving, colouring, painting

    89 х 101 х 57 cm

    On the facade: “Carl Frei u. Sohn Waldkirch”; on the sticker: “POSITIV”, “Tillverkat av Carl Frei & Son, Waldkirchen, Baden”, “CBL 37”


    Fairground organ "POSITIV" in wooden rectangular case, with high front part, on a pedestal with feet. The front panel is painted white with relief ornament in the form of curls, shells and a medallion of gray and white colours, with ornately shaped window, covered with red cloth. Nine wooden silver colour decorative pipes are in the window. Onlay frame with the inscription: "Carl Frei u. Sohn Waldkirch" is above the window. Paper label with the inscription in Swedish is on the left top: "POSITIV", "Tillverkat av Carl Frei & Son, Waldkirchen, Baden", "CBL 37". Folding shelves on hooks for folded cardboard book-music are on the lateral sides covered with transparent varnish. Two tin onlays are on the left side. Removable frame that opens access to the mechanism, metal crank with wooden handle and a screw-fastened thumbnut is on the rear side; lateral ribs with metal corners. Wooden flue pipes are inside the case. The "POSITIV" organ is a small desk mechanical organ with flue pipes. Music mechanism for forty-four tunes is activated by the rotation of the crank. Music media: paper music roll.