Fairground organ, model 107

    Fairground organ, model 107

    Germany, Waldkirch

    Circa 1925

    Gebrüder Bruder; Hugo Siegrist (miniatures author)

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric; casting, carpentry, lathing, colouring, painting, varnishing

    310 х 79 х 169 cm, 550 kg

    Inscriptions on facade: “Gebr. Bruder Waldkirch i. Br.”; on green stickers: “D.R.W.Z.”, “ORIGINAL Airophon System”, “№ 381686”. On the sticker on driving mechanism: “Orgelbau”, “ Beat Streuli”, “Spezialwerkstätte”, Schulstrasse 21”, “für selbstspielende”, “5012 Schönenwerd”, “Musikinstrumente”, “ Telefon 064 41 53 45 Geschäft”, “Telefon 064 41 49 39 Privat”, “Gesamte Orgel (ausg. Fassade totalüberholt”, “im Jhare 1983”. On brass plates: “Aus Out”, “Spiel Play”. On the picture: “HUGO SIEGRIST UERKHEIM”


    Organ body is made of wood, on pedestal with ornately shaped brass onlays on the side ribs. The facade is wooden, set on wooden beam, painted in cream, golden and blue shades, with carved embossed elements in the form of acanthus leaves, curls, rocailles, tightened with dark red fabric from the inner side, with painted genre scenes and small landscapes in curly frames of white color with the artist's signature: "HUGO SIEGRIST UERKHEIM" and multi-colour electric bulbs. Seventeen white wooden violin pipes are in the façade center. A finial with carved ornaments in the form of rocailles, curls, lamps, the inscription "Gebr. Bruder Waldkirch i. Br." in the frame is above wooden varnished frieze. Drums are mounted on the rear organ side. The right drum is with spring and two padded sticks clapper pieces, the left one - with a single padded stick and copper cymbal, the drums’ front diaphragms are ornated with painted bouquets of flowers. Two carrying handles are on the sides. Toggle switch and signs "Aus/Out", "Spiel/Play" are on the case rear, two stickers with the text are on the lid. A board for four sockets and two contemporary switches for activating illumination are on the left hand side. The case rear side is closed with two frames, the upper one is covered with red cloth from the inner side, and the bottom one is solid. Bellows, receiver, wind chest and lead alloy tubes connecting the tracking bar and wind chest are visible behind those frames. A flywheel connected by the belt drive with the electric motor with reducer that is mounted on the top platform, is on the case rear side. Melody encoded on a 52-track paper music roll, sounds accompanied by percussion instruments - drums and cymbals with illumination. Music media: paper music roll.