Fairground organ

    Fairground organ

    Belgium, Antwerp


    J.Verbeeck B.V.B.A.

    Wood, leather, metal, glass; painting, carving, turning

    330 x 120 x 300 cm, 450 kg

    Inscription on the façade: "Antwerp/J. Verbeeck/Belgium"


    Wooden case, richly decorated with onlay carving in the form of rosettes, laurel wreaths, festoons, and a torch. The facade is painted in a soft light cream colour, with decorative top, on four legs and framed along the perimeter with red and yellow light bulbs. The central protruding part of the facade is conventionally divided into three sections, covered with red silk cloth from inside, and complemented by four columns, an arch window, framed with round yellow bulbs is in the center. A girl in green flowing draperies with a bell and a stick in her hands is standing on a protrusion in the center. A row of seventeen white wooden pipes as well as a metallophone with seventeen plates and hammers is behind the girl. Two small boys sitting on the protrusions adorn the sides of the facade: a boy on the left side is clanging a bell, the other one on the right side, is beating two drums on his both sides. The sides of the upper part of the façade are decorated with flower vases. Two winged lions in the middle are holding in the paws ornately shaped onlay with an image of a lady lying on the ottoman and surrounded by drum, paper perforated rolls, harp and violin clef, with  signature "S. Blome/1990 ". When the music is playing, the lady clangs the bell; the boys beat the drums and clang the bell. Musical movement consists of wooden pipes' row, two drums: large one with cymbal is on the left; small one with two hammers - is on the right. Wheel connected to electric motor and used to inject air in the bellows is on the rear side. Music media: paper music roll.