Organetta “Organina”

    Organetta “Organina”

    France, Mirecourt


    Jerome Thibouville-Lamy& Co

    Wood, metal, leather, rubber; mechanical and carpentry work, painting, varnishing

    88 x 48 x 49 cm, 31.3 kg


    Organ in wooden case, finished in black varnish, the upper frame and lateral sides of the case are decorated with delicate golden painted foliage ornament. Painted landscapes in curly vignettes are on the narrow sides of high socle, flower bouquets are depicted on the wide sides. Painted riverscape in curly vignette featuring a family of swans in the foreground is on the case front side. Tape drive mechanism (spool box) and reading device are on the case upper side. Tape drive mechanism consists of two rubberized barrels with paper music roll between them, and fluted metal rod that clamps the tape against the sensory levers. Eighteen reading sensory levers control the opening of the valves of thirty-six slotted reeds, which are the source of musical sounds. A system of bellows, which creates a rarefaction of air, is mounted inside the case. A crank on the case rear side activates the bellows and movement. While a paper music roll moves, the levers raise and descend in accordance with the apertures location on the roll and admit air to the reeds, making them sound in the target order. Music media: cardboard music roll folded in a book (folded cardboard book-music).