Orchestral organette “Orchestralorganette”

    Orchestral organette “Orchestralorganette”

    Great Britain, Blackburn

    Circa 1891

    J.M. Draper Organette Works

    Wood, metal, leather; casting, varnishing, mechanical and carpentry work

    27 x 38 x 35 cm, 4 kg

    On the musical unit top panel: “Orchestralorganette”, on the switch buttons: “Flute”, “Vox-Humana”, “Expression”


    Organ in a wooden varnished with lateral sides decorated with delicate floral patterns in masking technique. The system of bellows that creates vacuum is mounted in rectangular case, fixed on round turned feet. A crank on the case left side operates the bellows. Detachable musical unit with twenty-eight slotted reeds divided into two chests is mounted on the case top panel. One chest doubles the octave. Fourteen apertures connected by reeds are cut on the musical unit bottom panel. Three round buttons for tonal characteristics adjustment are on the unit upper side, decorated with foliage patterns. The musical unit is fixed with hooks in the cutouts of two brackets. Paper music roll with fourteen rows of rectangular apertures is pulled through between the unit and the main case by means of elastic rollers. Music media: paper music roll.