Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ


    1982 - 2000s

    Jean-Paul Erman

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric; casting, carpentry, lathing, marquetry, polishing

    64 х 33 х 62 cm, 20.5 kg

    On the mechanism: "1.747"


    Organ in rectangular wooden case on a low pedestal with corner feet. The case is veneered with precious wood and polished. A window with sixteen wooden closed flue pipes is in the center, narrow windows covered with a red fabric with painted images of music instruments and flowers are on the right and on the left sides. Horizontal panel with images of music instruments, flowers and leaves, made in marquetry technique is below. The facade is decorated with narrow denticulate frame made of different colours veneer. Folding handles for carrying are fixed the lateral sides. Organ rear side is closed with a frame, tightened with coarse fabric.

    Music storage – folded cardboard music book.