Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    Germany, Berlin

    1877-1884 - organ; 1994 - barrel

    Frati & Co.

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, paper; casting, woodworks, turning, marquetry, varnishing, polishing

    63 х 37 х 57 сm, 25 kg

    On case façade: “FRATY & Co. BUCHHOLZER STRASSE 1-2. BERLIN”; on front lid inner side: “359”; on right squeeze: Berlin coat of arms: standing bear on a shield with crown in oak leaves wreath, inscription - “*BERLINER GEWERBEAUSSTELLUNG IM JAHRE 1879*INNERKENNUNG”, on the left squeeze: inscription in oak leaves wreath: “LONDON”, “INTERNATIONAL”, “EXIBITION”, “CRISNAL PALACE”, “1884”. On stickers: “Heinrich Schroeder”, “Orgelbauer”, LÜBECK.”, “Verzeichniss der Stücke”, “Walze No.”, “No. 1. Donauvellen. Vals.”, “2. Theresen. Vals”, “3. Ein Flotter Studio. March.”, “4. Fredrika. Polka.”, “5. Bagdanoff. Mazurka.”, “6. Mairöschen. Skottisk”, “7. Marseillaise.”, “8. Choral”, “Stockholzer 1877(8) September”; “Programm”, “1. Automobil -Potpourri”, “2. Böhmerwald Walzer”, “3. Ween der weiße Flieder Blüht Swing”, “4. Estutiantina Walzer”, “5. Die Fischerin v. Bodensee Polka”, “6. Die blonde Kathrein Walzer”, “7. Bis Früh um Fünfe Harsdilied”, “8. Beim Kronenwirt Walzer” , “24.03.1994”, “ Günnter Gottsmann”, “Musikzeichner”, “Zurbennervitz”, “08258 Wohlhausen”.


    Barrel organ in wooden case on the plinth with figured brass onlays on the corner feet and floral ornament in marquetry technique. Triple frame of various wood breeds, the inscription "FRATY & Co. BUCHHOLZER STRASSE 1-2. BERLIN ", two brass medal prints of Berlin Commercial Exhibition of 1879 and London International Exhibition of 1884 are on the black facade, a removable black panel with ornamentation and three arches with Bordeaux colour cloth from the inner side are above. Frames with geometric ornament in the marquetry technique are on the lateral varnished sides. A removable round lid of the pinned barrel with an aperture for the axis and two sliders are on the right side, a crank lifting and lowering the key frame into the operating position is on the left side, pinned barrel knife and bolt mechanism, three screw heads with washers and rectangular window with cover plug are below. Metal swivel handle with wooden grip is on the rear side. Two lids with two hook locks are on the top. The item number - "359" is on both side of the front lid inner surface. Trumpet pipes and flue pipes, bellows and wind chest are inside. Two stickers are on the rear lid inner side: one yellowed with the list for the missing barrel tunes, the other white colour one, with ornately shaped frame and list of tunes for the pinned barrel that is installed under the lid. The key frame with thirty-seven keys, according to the number of tones is above the pinned barrel. With the key frame raised, the barrel can be moved along the axis, fixed and locked in one of eight positions according to the selected melody. Music media: pinned barrel.