Barrel Organs

Portable organ “Orgelbau Stüber”

    Portable organ “Orgelbau Stüber”

    Germany, Berlin


    Orgelbau Stüber

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric; casting, carpentry, lathing, veneering, toning, marquetry, decalcomania

    55.5 х 69 х 37.7 cm, 25.5 kg

    On the case facade: “ORGELBAU STÜBER BERLIN”


    Organ body is wooden, on the pedestal, with feet, with brass figured onlays on the side ribs, walnut veneered, with ornament in the marquetry technique, with a hinged lid in the form of a screen with two loops. Golden colour inscription is on the pedestal front side: "ORGELBAU STÜBER BERLIN". Sixteen metal pipes of golden colour with black cover plugs are on the façade open part, images of birds on branches with flowers and leaves in the marquetry technique are on the bottom part of the black façade. Frames with geometric ornament and folding handles for carrying are on the lateral light brown sides; two protruding ends of the slider with apertures are on the right side. A swivel lever for rewinding is on the left lateral panel. Organ is installed on a cart with springs, a box with the handle and a lock-bolt, a protective cover made of synthetic fabric is in the box. Music media: paper music roll.