Barrel Organs

Portable organ

    Portable organ

    Latvia, Ugāle village


    Jānis Kalniņš

    Wood, metal, paper; painting, carving

    58 х 64 х 38 cm


    Barrel organ body is made of wood with the front side richly decorated with golden floral ornament. The legs are decorated with figured brass pads. The central part is divided into four sections. There are vases with flowers on the left and right sides. There is a flowering branch with a bird in the center. There is a landscape with a view of the town below in the center. There is an inscription: "Jānis Kalniņš, ērļeļbūve, Ugāle" under the images. A crank is on the backside. The barrel organ is playing eight melodies.

    The range is 33 tunes. Music storage: wooden barrel.