Barrel Organs

Street organ

    Street organ

    France, Paris


    Limonaire Frères

    Wood, metal, brass, steel, leather, fabric, papier-mache; casting, woodworks, turning, carving, painting

    152 х 61 х 162 cm

    Inscriptions on facade: “LIMONAIRE FRÈRES”, “166, Avue DAUMESNIL-PARIS”; on the medal: “und mit de Neese könn’se nischt”


    Organ's body is wooden, on high pedestal with corner feet, with turquoise-coloured facade, with golden ornament. The upper part of the body with ornately carved finial. A set of wooden flue pipes is on the open central part of façade; carved columns are in the corners. Images of golden colour butterflies are on the frieze, an inscription is between them: "LIMONAIRE FRÈRES". Painted mountain landscape is on the pedestal front side; half-columns with carved ornament of golden colour are on the sides, the inscription is in the bottom: "166, Avue DAUMESNIL-PARIS" - the address of organs’ production. Two shelves are on both sides of the pedestal. Figures of circus artists are mounted on them: the boys are on the right and the girls - on the left. They hold the bells on the racks and hammers in their hands. Brass oval medal with the image of an organ grinder with a drum behind his back and a barrel organ with small drum, a boy and a ribbon with an inscription is on the left side of the case. Melody encoded on a 35-track paper music roll is accompanied by the sound of bells, in which hammers strike the moving hands of artists. Music media: paper music roll.