Barrel Organs

Portable organ

    Portable organ

    Germany, Berlin


    Bacigalupo Sohne

    Mahogany, fabric, brass; painting, carving, casting

    Mark on paper label: "Bacigalupo-Sőhne, Berlin No. 58 Schünhauser Allee 74a". Marks on the case inner, front and rear sides: "3176"; inscription on the front side: "Bacigalupo Sőhne, Schőnhauser Allee 74a Berlin No 58"


    Mahogany veneered wooden case , with two hinged lids. Corner feet are complemented with brass figured onlays. The case front side is richly carved with foliate patterns, in golden shades and framed by three veins. The facade can be conditionally divided into four sections. The lateral and front sides are bedded from inside with mesh fabric with painting: a pair of flower vases and the image of a bird sitting on flowering branch, the river landscape is beneath. The pedestal is decorated with carved complicated ornament of stylized leaves and golden curls. Paper label with the list of tunes is on the rear lid inner side. A row of thirty-two wooden pipes is inside the case. A crank that is on the case rear side activates the musical movement. Music media: pinned wooden barrel.