Barrel Organs

Street organ "42 t Odin”

    Street organ "42 t Odin”

    France, Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert


    Manufacture d’orgue de barbarie Odin

    Wood, metal, leather, steel; casting, carpentry, lathing, painting, colouring

    137 х 70 х 123 cm, 90 kg

    Inscriptions on façade: “Claude Reboul ”, on the panel: “RE”, “#”, “MI”, “FA”, “#”, “SOL”, “#”


    Organ in dark brown wooden case, on a low pedestal with four long carrying handles. Half-closed on the front side shelfs with bass pipes are on both sides. Ornately shaped panel with painted ivy leaves and trucks in green, blue and yellow shades are on the facade, an open window in which a set of forty-eight wooden flue pipes is visible, is in the center; the inscription: "Claude Reboul" is on the top façade part. The organ is mounted on a rectangular platform with four wheels with rubber tires. Music media: paper music roll.

    Claude Reboul (born in 1946) - the previous owner of the organ, animator, faquir breathing fire, performer of French songs to the music of street organ in the Beaubourg square near the Pompidou Centre in Paris, writer - the author of the books "Piazza Beaubourg" and "Le Dossier". The organ was made to his order in 1980 by the company "Manufacture d'orgue de barbarie Odin" and supplemented with a device for changing the tonality.