Phonograph "Edison Fireside model B"

    Phonograph "Edison Fireside model B"



    Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

    Wood, metal, chamois; casting, milling, lathe turning

    47 х 54 х 97 cm, 10 kg

    "Edison" on the case, "Trade Mark Thomas A. Edison" on the bar, "EDISON, FIRESIDE PHONOGRAPH MODEL B Manufactured by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. At Orange, N.J., U.S.A. Patented Oct. 27.1896. May 31, 1898. Aug. 29,1905 on the plate. Other Patents Pending. This Machine is sold on the condition that it is licensed to be used or vended only as long as this serial number 110062 is not removed or changed, in whole or in part, and that every possessor of this machine admits the validity of the above enumerated Patents. " On the logo: "Trade Mark Thomas A. Edison", on the sound box: "LICENSED FOR USE ONLY ON EDISON PHONOGRAPHS SOLD BY THOMAS A. EDISON, INC. 40268"

    Phonograph designed for playing 4-minute cylinders is a solid oak block with a profiled plinth, with a transferred inscription "Edison" and locks for fastening the lid. There is a semi-circular lid with a handle. On the right side of the body is a handle socket for the spring plant. Two cast bearings, mechanisms of the cylinder's drive with a cylinder and carriage movements with an audio box, which are connected to a spring motor through a transmission mechanism are installed on the black top panel with an artistic frame. Vertical cast bar on which the carriage rests, limiting the load on the roller is in front of the cylinder, the trademark is on the bar. Ahead is an oval hole with the mechanism on/off lever. The metal trumpet consists of two parts, connected by a ring with a locking hook - an S-shaped sound guide and a trumpet. The black trumpet is in the form of a flower with ten petals and golden veins. There is an articulated fastening with a spring and threaded stud for suspension to the bracket installed on the rear side surface of the case. A sound box with a membrane and a needle is connected to the sound duct by a suede tube. On the upper surface of the membrane is the inscription and serial number.

    When the mechanism is turned on, wax cylinder rotates, the carriage with the sound box moves along the axis of the shaft. The needle, installed in the groove with the record, causes the diahhrgm  vibrate in time with the profile of the groove, the oscillations are amplified by the horn.

    Phonograph Fireside model B, in contrast to model A, plays the cylinders with only 4 minute tunes, so the switch for 2 minute cylinders is locked and set to the position for 4 minute cylinders. The sound box with horn is located horizontally above the surface of the cylinder. Music media: wax cylinder.