Phonograph “Pathe Graphophone COQ”

    Phonograph “Pathe Graphophone COQ”




    Wood, steel, aluminum; woodwork, turning, presswork

    35 x 24 x 35 cm


    The phonograph mechanism is mounted on the metal panel screwed to the top lid of the wooden case. The mechanism consists of a spring motor, a gear-reduction box and a sound box moving device. The sound box with diaphragm, and sapphire stylus. While playback, the stylus is lowered into the sound groove on the cylinder and repeats the recorded vibrations. Vibrations are transmitted to the diaphragm and turn into sound, which is amplified by three horns attached to the sound box.
    The motor spring is wound up with a key mounted on the left side of the mechanism. In the off position, the horns are disconnected from the sound box, the top lid flips over and the mechanism is retracted inside the case, on top is the carrying handle. The lid is fixed on the case with two hooks.