Shaving machine "HOME"

    Shaving machine "HOME"

    USA, Orange, New Jersey


    Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

    Wood, metal; casting, decalcomania

    27 х 26 х 22 cm, 5 kg

    On the base: “Edison”; on the nameplate: "HOME SHAVING MACHINE THOMAS A. EDISON, INC. PAT. APPLIED FOR ORANGE, N.J., U.S.A."

    Very simple and inexpensive shaving machine for wax rollers. It consists of a wooden base of a solid oak in the form of a box with decalcified inscription "Edison", a cast bearing construction consisting of two supports is installed on it. The shaft with the cylinder on which the wax roll is located is fixed on one of them. A handle for rotations on the right of the shaft. A cast bracket with a handle and a steel blade on the two supports is fixed on two ; the length of the blade corresponds to the length of the roller and there is also a nameplate which is fixed on the left support. After installing the roller the blade of the knife removes a thin layer of wax paste with the recording of the composition while itis rotated by a handle.