Phonograph model No.184109

    Phonograph model No.184109

    USA, New York


    Wood (oak), brass

    30 х 12 х 17 cm

    Rectangular shaped phonograph on a metal base. It is mounted on shaped wooden stand veneered with oak. There is a metal plaque with the inscription on the front side of the stand : "Columbia Phonograph Co. Sole Sales agent for American Graphophone Company. New York. Chicago Philadelphia Atlantic City St. Louis Baltimore Washington". There is a plate with an inscription: "The Graphophone Patented May 4 1886 Dec. 27 1887 April 3 1888 August 10 1890 Oct 16 1894 Mar 30 1897 Manufactured By The American Graphophone Type B 184109 Company new York, N.Y." behind the cylinder. The brass trumpet is attached to the metal horizontal rack. The spring of the movement is winded with a key on the left side of the case. When the cylinder of the phonograph begins to rotate, a glass needle fixed on the membrane, moves on the path of the cylinder and causes vibrations that are transmitted to the trumpet. The set includes a wooden lid, veneered with oak with a handle for carrying. Is decorated with green ribbons with the inscription "The Graphophone" in the center.