Phonograph "Edison Amberola 50"

    Phonograph "Edison Amberola 50"

    USA, Orange, New Jersey


    Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

    Cast iron, steel, brass, wood; casting, decalcomania, varnishing, turning, painting

    38 х 50 х 40 cm, 18 kg

    On the nameplate: "TRADE MARK THOMAS A EDISON", "Amberola 50 manufactured by THOMAS A. EDISON INC at Orange, NJ, USA", patent dates from November 17, 1903 to March 11, 1913. Patent restrictions and serial number SM 13770. On the lid internal side: "Edison"

    Phonograph is mounted in light oak varnished case with high hinged top lid. The lid is fastened in the upper position by a latch strap. A grating, covering the horn is on the case front side. A wooden panel with movement is under the lid on the case front side. A horn is  hidden under the panel. The movement is comprised of cast chassis painted with black enamel - below the chassis is a spring motor. A drive gear of a sound cylinder and a spindle, the guide bar with the carriage and a sound box under the over-jacket. A sound box equipped with a diamond needle with a floating flyweight is used in the reproducing head "Diamond model C". The reproducing head is connected with a horn that rotates when the carriage moves along the roller by a sound-drive. The carriage is connected to the lead screw with a spring lead with a half-nut. The needle is lowered to the cylinder by the pivot arm on the carriage and the leash is interlocked with the actuator screw. The nameplate with the patent's information and the serial number is on the chassis, behind the cylinder. Activating lever is in front of the cylinder. The spring motor is winded by the handle, which is inserted into the aperture on the case right lateral side. A single spring winding is enough to listen to 5 cylinders.

    Music media: "Blue Amberol" cylinders .