Phonograph “Edison Idelia”

    Phonograph “Edison Idelia”

    USA, Orange, New Jersey


    National Phonograph Company

    Cast iron, steel, brass, Wood (mahogany), rubber; casting, decalcomania, varnishing, turning, electroplating, oxidation

    47 х 33 х 36 cm, 25 kg

    On the sound box: "MODEL - C", "REPRODUCER", "LICENSED FOR USE ONLY ON EDISON PHONOGRAPHS SOLD BY NAT'L. PHONO.CO ". On the lid: "EDISON HOME PHONOGRAPH", the trade mark on the polished nameplate: "TRADE MARK THOMAS A EDISON", on the label: "MANUFECTURED UNDER THE PATENTS OF THOMAS EDISON, et als, at ORANGE NJUSA", patents, serial number 65844, Patent restrictions.


    "Edison Idelia Phonograph" is a phonograph of de luxe class, restricted number of them was produced during the period of 1907-1911. They were designed for recording and reproduction of sounds. Wax cylinders, sounding for 2 minutes, and Edison Amberol cylinders, sounding for 4 minutes were used as music media. Unlike other models, its elegant polished case and lid are made of precious wood and decorated with decorative details. There are shaped cast handles for carrying on the lateral sides. This model stands out by completely unusual decoration of the movement - almost all metal parts are covered with a shiny layer of red copper with oxidized areas of dark color of irregular shape. The main units of the mechanism are: a spring motor, a carriage assembly with reproducing sound box and a shaver for previous recordings, a shaft with the cylinder and a lead screw moving the carriage. When the mechanism is activated ed, a cylinder with recording starts rotating, the needle of the sound box is lowered in the groove on the cylinder and transmits vibrations to the membrane, which converts them into the sound. Large metal horn in the form of a flower with twelve petals reinforces the sound manifold. The horn is supported by a special bracket. In the right side of the case there is A socket for the crank is in the case right side.

    Music media: 2-minute wax cylinders and 4-minute cylinders "Edison Amberol".