Germany, Berlin

    circa 1900

    DMB Deutsche Mutoskop- & Biograph GmbH

    Metal, plastic, glass; casting, electrical work, mechanical work, painting

    50 x 26 x 25 cm, 30 kg

    On the front panel: “10 Pfg.”, “KURBELL”, “SCHNELL DRENEN”; on electromagnet nameplate: “VEB Elektro-Bauelemente”, “Typ GM 0,4”, “6056 Schlensingen”, “Baujahr 6/75”, “MW”; on the line adapter: “MEAN WELL”, “Model: DR-30-24”, “INPUT: 100-240 VAC 1,1A”, “OUTPUT: 24 V 1,5 A”, “CAUTON:”, “Indoor use only. For use in a protected environment only. Risk of electric shock. Do not open”, “S/N RA8A061403”, “MADE IN TAIWAN”, on the roller: “INTER. MUTO.REEL CO./ PAT’D/ VADE IN/ U.S.A./ N.Y.C.”, “SUBECT No. 892, SERIAL No. 6”


    Mutoscope is mounted in golden color metal case of complicated shape. Its lateral sides are decorated with the Modern style patterns. Small window with magnifying glass and a visor, coin selector with coins slot and plate are on the façade. Metal frame with movie ad is above it. Mutoscope motor with the film run-through unit that is activated after the coin is dropped, incandescent light bulb and reel with the movie "The Dancer Out Of The Barrel" are inside the case. The reel is designed as a roller with separate monochromatic photos that are fixed on its surface. The photos are printed on rigid and flexible non-transparent cards and maps electric wire with double pole plug.

    On the left-hand side - Removable cast door with a lock and key is on the left side.

    Before watching the movie, one have to turn on the mutoscope power plug, drop a 0-pfennigs coin and watch a movie, lit by the electric bulb, through a magnifying glass. The movie lasts about one minute.