Juke-box "Waltonophone"

    Juke-box "Waltonophone"

    Great Britain, Blackpool

    circa 1928

    Alfred Leonard Walton

    Wood, metal, rubber, glass; casting, carpentry, chiselling, manufacturing

    184 x 76 x 45 cm, 70 kg

    On the plate: “WALTONOPHONE”; instruction; patent number and producer: “Patentee & Sole Maker - L. WALTON, 26, Withnell Rd., BLACKPOOL, Lanos”. In the doors' windows the tunes counting numbers. On the dial: “Patentee & Sole Maker - L. WALTON, 26, Withnell Rd., BLACKPOOL”, “PROV. PATENT No. 19836/28”


    Juke-box, designed to play one of the twelve tunes by choice. Individual audition through a rubber tube with headphones. The machine is located in dark veneered wooden case with two compartments. There is a mechanism for playing records in the upper compartment with two hinged doors. The motor for playing back records is in the upper compartment with two hinged doors. Six round and oblong windows with numbers and tunes names are on the door panels. Red signal lamp, double headphone connection adopter, celluloid nameplate with instruction and horizontal coin slot are on the vertical partition between the doors. Round tunes’ indicator scale with twelve numbered graduations and central hand is beneath. Round tunes’ selection knob is beneath the indicator. Gramophone tonearm with sound box and interchangeable steel needles are applied in the record player. Twelve 6 inches diameter gramophone records are mounted on twelve discs located on the hub radial spokes. The hand is placed near the demanded tune be the crank rotation. Thus, the selected record stops under the tonearm needle. The coin, dropped into the slot, falls along the guides and turns the lever, lowering the needle on the record. The disc with the record is driven by the electric motor. The sound arising from the oscillation of the needle and diaphragm spreads through the tonearm and rubber duct tube into the headphones. When the melody is played, the tonearm rises and the disc stops. Coins are collected in the lockable box in the bottom compartment.