USA, New York


    International Mutoscope Reel Company, Inc.

    Metal, plastic, glass, wood; casting, presswork, electrical work, mechanical work, painting

    120 x 30 x 40 cm, 23 kg

    On façade: “INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE REEL CO. NEW YORK ”; on the plate on the mechanism: “S 103”; on the key: “15”; on the film reel: “INTER. MUTO.REEL CO./ PAT’D/ VADE IN/ U.S.A./ N.Y.C.”; “SUBECT No. 1, SERIAL No.”


    Mutoscope is housed in the golden color complicated metal case, the Modern style patterns on the sides. A small window with magnifying glass and glare shield; coin selector with a coin slot and plate are on the façade. Metal frame with the film advertising sign is above. Mutoscope mechanism with film viewing device of later origin, lighting bulb and reel with the movie "The Dancer Out Of The Barrel". The mutoscope cards, black and white photographs, printed on tough and flexible non-transparent cards, are fixed on the reel, according to the principle of a flipping catalog. A removable cast door with the lock and key is on the left-hand side.

    Before watching the movie, you have to activate the mutoscope and drop a 10 pfennigs coin in it. The film starts, illuminated by electrical bulb and watched through a magnifying glass. Watching a movie takes about one minute.